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Rust Beta Key Generator

Rust beta key generator Rust is a new online survival game developed by the creators of Garry's mod. This game takes place in a post apocalyptic era where you are forced to survive in a world filled with zombies. At the time of writing this, the game is currently in closed beta and a Rust beta key will go for around $40. We have created a simple online and offline key generator that can get you in game. Most key generators just generate the key, but our software activates it as well.

Rust Beta Key

Please select on of the options below to generate your beta key, in case one of them failed we recommend you to check the other one, we are constantly updating our generators, but you will always be able to generate beta keys!

Rust Beta

FAQ - Rust Beta Key Generator (online and offline)

What is Rust?

Rust is the newest addition to the online survival game genre, bringing realism and minecaft-like crafting together. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic era where you fight to survive.How do you survive? Well, since it is a online game, other players are present and everyone has the ability to kill eachother. This is similar to DayZ where you can either befriend random players you meet, or the more common route taken, kill them and steal their items. Since this game is in closed beta, voice chat is not yet implemented so almost 99% of the time you will be shot on site. That is, if you have a gun.When you first start out in the game, you spawn in a wooden shack with a fireplace and a rock. Yeah, a rock. So it is quite obvious you need to find some more materials fast. You collect materials by wandering around the big open world and finding things like wood, metals, rocks, and hundreds of other resources. Like minecraft, you need to build tools that can extract these resources. In the beginning you only have a rock, but you can still pick up twigs and lesser important things. However these unimportant resources can be the building blocks of hatchets and other necessary tools to get you the materials you need to build things like guns.

How does the key generator work?

The key generator works by generating a key based off of Face Punch's algorithm. Our generator is better than others because we actually send an activation request by a XSS exploit on the main website. Therefore this Rust beta key will work about 15 minutes after you generate a key.

Why are you releasing this to the public?

Because there is simply not enough players in game, and we want to have fun which means there needs to be more people! Please be that person.

Why are there two versions?

We believe the online method might get patched soon, but the offline method (downloadable program) will never be patched. If the online generator does not work, try downloading the offline key generator to get your Rust beta key.

Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?

No problem! All we ask is that you share this page with your friends via the links below. Thanks!

Latest Generated Rust Beta Key

>55L-6** (102)
>B6J-7** (101)
>6C8-6** (100)
>A55-C** (99)
>86L-5** (98)
>I56-6** (97)
>G5B-E** (96)
>HIJ-F** (95)
>568-5** (94)
>AE6-7** (93)
>68L-G** (92)
>KM5-6** (91)
>A8J-L** (90)
>H86-8** (89)
>77L-L** (88)
>5EL-I** (87)
>66E-J** (86)
>58C-6** (85)
>A68-K** (84)
>DLG-7** (83)
>AID-I** (82)
>888-6** (81)
>887-F** (80)
>6GD-L** (79)
>LD5-6** (78)
>IFE-A** (77)
>76L-5** (76)
>8I7-J** (75)
>56K-G** (74)
>ADI-7** (73)
>65L-5** (72)
>F78-7** (71)
>5L8-8** (70)
>85L-7** (69)
>DCL-H** (68)
>LI6-5** (67)
>DJ6-A** (66)
>77K-I** (65)
>76A-7** (64)
>667-A** (63)
>66B-L** (62)
>J7L-A** (61)
>G5C-8** (60)
>6AJ-J** (59)
>78J-7** (58)
>E88-6** (57)
>B5E-E** (56)
>M6B-5** (55)
>HL6-7** (54)
>HGF-H** (53)
>867-F** (52)
>656-7** (51)
>J68-7** (50)
>G87-6** (49)
>7JK-7** (48)
>6H5-5** (47)
>555-E** (46)
>J5C-5** (45)
>6C8-M** (44)
>E68-5** (43)
>8K7-7** (42)
>6FG-I** (41)
>68A-8** (40)
>7L6-6** (39)
>DE6-D** (38)
>8MJ-7** (37)
>5IE-E** (36)
>CI5-B** (35)
>K77-G** (34)
>567-I** (33)
>JG5-L** (32)
>5E6-F** (31)
>LGI-8** (30)
>A76-K** (29)
>A8H-I** (28)
>ABG-H** (27)
>J85-8** (26)
>5JC-L** (25)
>II7-6** (24)
>88E-J** (23)
>586-7** (22)
>85B-5** (21)
>FJF-5** (20)
>I5I-H** (19)
>AGB-6** (18)
>675-B** (17)
>D86-6** (16)
>B8M-C** (15)
>786-A** (14)
>IKH-7** (13)
>887-F** (12)
>E5D-7** (11)
>8L6-6** (10)
>856-7** (9)
>J66-C** (8)
>8I5-F** (7)
>8D6-K** (6)
>7H8-5** (5)
>8F7-7** (4)
>AJ7-5** (3)
>776-5** (2)
>I7E-G** (1)